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Diamond Cutting Tools

The Usage of Diamond Blade

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In order to get the best cut of the diamond blade. There are some important factors you need to know.

First, the sawing depth: When the linear speed of the diamond saw blade is high, a small cutting depth should be selected. From the current technology, the depth of the sawing diamond is between 1 mm and 10 mm. When sawing granite blocks with large-diameter saw blades, the sawing depth can be controlled from 1mm to 2mm, and at the same time, the feed rate should be reduced. When the linear speed of the diamond circular saw blade is large, a large depth of cut should be selected. However, when the performance of the saw and the allowable range of tool strength, the cutting concentration should be taken as much as possible. Small depth cuts should be used when machining surfaces are required.

Second, the blade line speed: the line speed of the saw blade should be selected according to the nature of different stones. When sawing granite, the saw blade line speed can be 25m ~ 35m / s. For granite with high quartz content and difficult to saw, the lower limit of the blade line speed is appropriate. In the production of granite tiles, the diameter of the diamond circular saw blade is small and the linear speed can reach 35m/s.

Third, the feed speed: according to the nature of the stone being sawed. Generally, the softer stone such as marble can be sawed to increase the feed speed. If the feed speed is too low, it is more conducive to improving the sawing rate. The sawing of the fine-grained, relatively homogeneous granite can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, the diamond blade is easily smoothed. However, when sawing a coarse-grained structure with uneven hardness, the feed speed should be reduced. Otherwise, the vibration of the saw blade will cause the diamond to break and reduce the sawing rate. The cutting speed of sawing granite is generally 9m~12m/min.

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