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How to Choose Marble Blade?

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Marble Blade

The first step is to see the color of the diamond segment. The marble saw blade cuts the stone, and the direct action is the segment. Unlike the blade of a granite saw blade, the blade of a marble saw blade is generally brass or reddish, but the same is true that the high-quality marble segment is very "clean", that is, it does not make people feel dull. The more "dry", the better the quality of the raw materials used in the blade segment.

The second step is to see the outlook of the cutter head neat. The marble cutting blade produced by the regular manufacturer has a neat appearance, the dimensional error is ≤0.1mm, the thickness is uniform, and the edges and corners are distinct. *The important thing is to give people a sense of compactness. High-quality marble blades have higher cutting standards, and the diamond particles contained are more fine than the granite saw blades. On the cutter head, after the cutting, the diamond tails are smaller and shorter than the granite cutter heads. People feel dense. The silver saw blade has a dimensional error of less than 0.05 mm.

The third step is to see the welding of the diamond segment for marble. The quality of the welding is not only related to the occurrence of the cutter head phenomenon, but more importantly, it is related to the stability of the cutting and the quality of the cutting quality. High-quality marble saw blades with complete, neat welds and even a single “thin line”. Silver Day's marble saw blade uses a fully automatic arc-cutting machine to grind the cutter head to ensure that the cutter head is in conformity with the welding surface of the base. 

The fourth step compares the thickness of the diamond segment with the base. A regular diamond saw blade whose thickness is slightly thicker than the base. High-quality saw blades for marble control the thickness of the diamond segment within a certain range, such as φ350mm marble diamond blade, the thickness of the cutter head is less than 0.5mm than the base. The thickness of the silver saw blade is ≤0.2-0.4mm than the thickness of the base.

The fifth step is to look at the hardness of the substrate. Compared with the granite saw blade, the marble saw blade has a thinner base. When the cutting force is applied, the inferior matrix has insufficient hardness and is easily deformed and oscillated. In particular, the marble saw blade base of φ350mm or less is easy to give a sense of solidity when the inferior saw blade is shaken, and the high-quality base body can give a strong feeling.


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