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Diamond Saw Blade Safety Measures

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Diamond Saw Blade

1. Operators should wear protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses, helmets and ear protectors before operation.

2. The cutting machine should have a protective cover or other safety device.

3. Check the diamond saw blade before use. If it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use.

4. Check if there is any dirt on the chuck of the cutting machine. If it is dirty, clean it and install it again. Whether the spindle bearing or the spindle or bushing is seriously worn, replace the new bushing or equipment when the wear is serious.

5. When installing the diamond cutting blade, the direction indicated on the saw blade must be consistent with the direction of rotation of the cutting machine. Inconsistent directions are likely to cause inaction.

6. If it is a wet saw blade, please add enough cooling water when cutting.

7. If it is dry saw blade, the dry cut must be idle for a few seconds every 10~15 seconds to cool the saw blade. For larger depth of cut, it should be cut step by step, dry cut saw blade and water cooled to cut. The effect will be better.

8. The curve cutting is not allowed during the cutting process. It is not allowed to use side grinding. Curve cutting and side grinding are easy to cause the saw blade to crack, drop or break the base.

9. If the cutting is oblique cutting, the depth of cut should not be too large. Be sure to pay attention to safety during the cutting process. Try not to let your body and saw blade on a flat surface. If you hear abnormal sound during cutting, stop cutting immediately. Check the saw blade for damage or check for loose blade fixing screws.

10. If the saw blade is clogged during use, the saw blade will become dull. Please use ceramic wheel or refractory brick to re-blade (blade is to cut the knife on the ceramic wheel or refractory brick), re-blade The sharpness can be restored.

11. When noise is encountered during the cutting process and the vibration is severe, stop immediately and check if the saw blade has cracked or dropped. When cracks and drops occur, replace the new piece.

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