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Diamond Floor Polishing Pad

3 Inch Ceramic Bond Concrete Polishing Pad

High quality for concrete scratch removal
The 3" ceramic transitional pads are designed for an effortless transition from metals to resins. The aggressive ceramic and diamond matrix has been designed to remove deeper scratches left behind by the metal bond stages, eliminating the need for multiple passes with metals. The ceramic has an impressive triple filtered diamond content ratio allowing for an aggressive cut and perfectly consistent scratch pattern.

3"/76mm in diameter, 6mm working thickness;
Used for concrete of all hardness;
Grit: 30#,50#,100#,200#,400#;
50 grit and 100 grit will very effectively removed scratches left by metal grinding discs;
Reduces use of metal discs;
Prepare for transitioning to resin bond polishing pads;
Use wet or dry;
Applies to concrete and terrazzo;
Aggressive with long life, almost 4 times the life of resin bond floor polishing pads;
Hook and loop backed for easy changing of grits;                                                                       

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