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What is PCD Grinding Wheel?

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PCD cup grinding wheels are designed for fast removal of paint urethene and epoxy etc

PCD cup grinding wheels are designed for fast removal of paint, urethene, epoxy, adhesives and residues. They are much more aggressive and longer lasting than conventional diamond cup grinding wheels.

PCD diamond particles are ultra rough and have three times the surface area of mono crystalline particles;

PCD grinding wheel is great for removing surface coatings including epoxy, mastic and glue;

PCD diamond wheel don't load up or smear the coating like a normal diamond cup wheel;

The PCD segment scrapes and rips the coating from the surface;

PCD cup grinding wheel can be used wet or dry;

PCD diamond grinding wheel has 5/8"-11 or M14 Nut to fit your angle grinder;

6 PCDs for 4" and 4.5", 8 PCDs for 5" and 12 PCDs for 7" (PCD quantity can be customised);

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